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Returning to London Escort Dates

Returning to London Escort Dates

As things start to get back to something like normal here in the UK, with restaurants and hotels opening back up, I am also preparing to return to accepting bookings to meet in London, Edinburgh and other UK locales.

For those that perhaps aren’t aware, I am also open to visiting other UK cities or even at a countryside retreat. Most of my requests do come from London, so this is where I tend to be the most, but my home base outside of London is very well connected for domestic and European air and rail travel, so I am always willing to consider ‘fly-me-to-you’ or ‘train-me-to-you’ dates UK and Europe wide, for a minimum of a 4hr dinner date in the UK, and 6 hr dinner date in Europe.

Reflecting back on my previous post in January, I was excitedly planning trips to Asia, and other destinations during this year, and with the world opening back up again, and missing travel terribly, I daresay this will still happen, most likely from around September onwards.

So what I have been up to during this most challenging of times? I have really enjoyed continuing with my daily workouts as my PT has been doing live virtual sessions, so that has been fantastic, although I can’t wait to get back into the gym! A benefit of this slower pace of life has been that I have been able to giving 100% focus to my other business/professional projects, and put some work into switching them to an online environment, which in the long term will give me a great work life balance, and enable me to travel much more in the future! A huge positive for me!

I have though, missed my dating experiences, and the wonderful company of my clients who are some of the most interesting generous, entertaining, and caring people I know. I truly can’t wait to re-connect!

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