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Hey! Whats been happening?

Hey! Whats been happening?

Gosh, its been a hell of a long time since I wrote one of these…but I’ve had a glass of Chardonnay so here goes! My first proper post Covid blog I think? Who knows if this state of things will continue, but I think so.

Well, London post Covid is kind of strange at the minute, with the all of the non-decisions that happened over new year. That was enough to spook lots of people who live here to ‘do one’ as some us may say (when you know you know), or make other plans if you are may have been imagining visiting. Sensible of course but we miss you.

But actually apart from not many people being here, everything is pretty normal!! That’s all really. London is in a place of normal but without the people who make it such, for the most part.

We are hesitantly optimistic, being British of course, but we may be one of the first ‘back to normal’ places on this beautiful planet! (after Florida lol).

What have I been doing? Well I progressed my house renovation considerably, had a little surgery which some may have noticed 🙂 travelled a little where restrictions allowed, and made some great strides in my mainstream which was amazing!

Anyway it would be great to see you soon!

Miss ya love ya xxx


(if you genuinely know where I come you know that’s a profoundly sentimental sign off)

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