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The Finer Details

Notice to meet

I simply ask for as much notice as you are able to, especially if you have a precise date/time in mind, so that I can accommodate your preference, appreciating that we all have busy schedules that fill up fast, and at least 48 hours is ideal.


That said, my schedule is rarely the same from one week to the next, so I can sometimes accommodate shorter notice bookings. If this is the case, I will likely respond to your email within a couple of hours.


I prioritise booking enquiries which include reference information. For London bookings, please include the contact details (email and website) of at least one established companion you have met with in recent times. . If you have a P411 account ID please include this. If you do not have any of the above information, I’ll be happy to suggest alternative, discreet screening.


I am always very happy to provide references if another companion has requested a reference from you.

'New to Companionship' Screening

If you are new to private companionship, don’t have companion references, and would like to meet me, I can conduct alternative discreetly screening. I have a deposit policy for of 25% of the booking fee for clients wishing to schedule dates where I host (refundable with 48 hours notice of cancellation, should you need to).

General Etiquette

Please ensure that you have handed me an unsealed gift envelope or placed it visibly, within the first 10 minutes of our date.


If you would like to meet in a public venue, such as a bar or restaurant, I will be happy to do so. You may hand me an unsealed gift envelope in a discreet fashion, e.g. inside a gift bag, greeting card, or tucked into a book within the first 10 minutes of us meeting.

Fly me to you/travel bookings

I am available for extended travel engagements and extended dates of 24 hours + with friends I am acquainted with. I will require the cost of the flight to be transferred to me, for travel so that I can book my flight.


I offer ‘fly me to you’ bookings across Europe for bookings of 4 hour minimum (dinner dates).

Discretion & Confidentiality

I take discretion seriously…both yours and mine. Any personal information shared with me through the course of screening/our interactions will be kept entirely confidential. When communicating with other providers regarding references, the information I share is verification of a gentleman’s authenticity as a reliable client, and confirmation of the gentlemanly demeanour and etiquette of those I have personally met. Strictly no personal details.

Preferred paramours

I meet exclusively with gentleman, and I have a lower limit of 30 years of age. I love the intimacy of a one-on-one date, and I also enjoy the fun and exciting dynamic of a date with a friend. I will be happy to discuss the possibility of double dates with acquainted friends, and I can recommend a small number of private companions who I enjoy entertaining with, and have natural chemistry with. Please see my ‘Friends’ page for my personal recommendations.