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A mutual escape….



Thank you for visiting my pages to find out a little more about me. My name is Amy, and I am an upscale independent escort in London and Edinburgh. With a career outside of this discreet world, my life is busy and fulfilling, and yet I have always felt an irrepressible inclination to seek out those extra sensual pleasures which give life a thrilling dimension. I am guessing you may feel the same? Private luxury dating is, for me, an expression of my appetite for more of the best that life has to offer, and whether you are new to private companionship, or have indulged in this wonderful world before, it would be my pleasure to join you in taking some time out of our busy schedules. In short, I value meeting with like-minded gentlemen who enjoy an elevated kind of mutual intimate connection. If you are a self assured gentleman seeking a sophisticated woman with whom to enjoy a fleeting or long lasting affair with all the benefits, I could be exactly the kind of woman you are looking for.




Your all-natural sweetheart.



I have a naturally glamorous appearance…beautiful and poised, with a striking and inviting smile, and a well spoken British accent. With long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a slender, feminine figure with pilates-toned curves, I delight in the flattering attentions of an appreciative lover. My personality is upbeat, warm, engaging, and welcoming. As a highly discreet companion, I prefer not show my face in my photos, but to give you an idea, in the past, others have compared my likeness with women in the public eye such as the lovely Emma Bunton (baby spice!), or a young Cheryl Tiegs. My personal style is elegant and feminine, with a fashionable twist. I have a penchant for lace dresses, and silk blouses with well-cut jeans and sexy heels. In private, you will discover that I have great taste in silk and lace lingerie.


I have many career and creative aspirations, which I am always delighted to chat about. I love to hear and share ideas and experiences. I have a graduate and post gradate degree in a business-related area that I am passionate about, and I am always working towards my professional development. A few of my interests include business, fashion, psychology, fitness (I am a big fan of pilates and swimming), cooking, fine dining, and travel. I am very selective with those I meet, as I don’t cultivate an escort ‘persona’. I am very open and warm with trusted acquaintances, and the woman you will meet with, is very much the woman I am. Read more about my companionship dating style here. This facet of my life is something I value highly, and truly enjoy. As such, I do tend to prioritise longer bookings, with gentlemen who I feel I will be most compatible with.




A delicious flirtation…



I am a great listener, a lifelong optimist, and I enjoy a light-hearted, unburdened outlook on life. I delight equally in the luxuries and simple pleasures in life, with beautiful surroundings, fantastic food, wine, and great company being the essential ingredients for a fabulous date. Those who know me well would attest that I am a free spirit, and I believe in taking the maximum pleasure and joy out of life. My honest preference is to enjoy the lighter side of life. Fun conversation over a glass of champagne, and a genuine desire to show each other the best of times on our date, is, for me, the best kind of seduction.


I am an empathetic individual, putting those around me at ease with my warm and relaxed demeanour, and I love to excite and entice with my coquettish, flirtatious and alluring nature, which is ignited by the promise of getting to know you. If you seek a sophisticated and sensual companion, who carries herself with elegance in public, and is highly affectionate and passionate in private, there is a great chance we would have a fantastic time, whether for a few unforgettable hours, or during a longer, more decadent date.




Where shall we meet?



My weekends are spent at home, close to the idyllic British countryside, and several national parks. I am very lucky to live equal travel distance from my two home base cities of London and Edinburgh, and I am available to meet in either of these wonderful cities on a weekly basis. That said, I don’t consider myself tied to any one particular locale. I travel frequently around Europe and beyond, so I am always flexible and open to ideas about where we could meet discreetly. I now offer dinner dates in any major European city…see my date packages for more information



  • At a glance...

    • Nationality: British
    • Age: Mid 30’s
    • Dress Size: 6-8
    • Height: 5ft 6
    • Measurements: 30c-24-33
    • Weight: 112lb
    • Shoe Size: 5

I enjoy meeting with gentleman who know exactly what they want…simply put...the very best in authentic connection...