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About me.



I am a free spirit, and a natural flirt with a playful, bubbly personality. I have always felt an irrepressible inclination to seek out those extra sensual pleasures which give life a thrilling dimension. As an upscale private companion, I have certainly found the perfect way to indulge that side of my personality. Private luxury dating appeals to my innate adventurous spirit, and I adore meeting like-minded gentlemen who enjoy an elevated kind of intimate connection.



First impressions.



I have a sexy, glamorous and elegant appearance with a captivating smile, blue-green eyes, and a well spoken British accent. I enjoy taking good care of my appearance and my slender and feminine toned curves, by exercising regularly at the gym, pilates classes and swimming.


My personal style is elegant, with a fashionable twist. I have a penchant for cute dresses, and silk blouses with well-cut jeans and sexy heels. In private, you will discover that I have great taste in silk and lace lingerie, and I love to get dressed up for a special date!



A little more?


I am always delighted to chat about my life, travel, and experiences. I have a graduate and post gradate degree in a business-related area that I am passionate about, and a few of my interests include business, psychology, great food and wine, and travel. I am selective with those I meet, as I am very open with trusted acquaintances. The woman you will get to know on our date, is very much the woman I am in daily life.


I am a lifelong optimist, and I prefer to enjoy a light-hearted, unburdened outlook on life. I am naturally a very upbeat person and I am told I have a very warm and welcoming presence. I enjoy both the luxuries and simple pleasures in life.


I believe that a mutual desire to show each other the best of times on our date is the best kind of seduction, and creates magic, as we enjoy getting to know each other in all kinds of ways, and during a longer date, we have the luxury of enjoying the best of each other’s company.


A date over lunch or dinner, or spending the night together, is always something I always look forward to, with beautiful surroundings, delicious food and wine, and flowing conversation heightening our senses.




Where shall we meet?


I delight in a well planned date, with plenty of time for anticipation to build. Maybe you would like to take me to a favourite restaurant of yours in a city you know well. Or perhaps it might be exciting to try somewhere new, where neither of us have been before. I also find spontaneity thrilling and very sexy, so I’ll be happy to accompany you in discovering new favourite places.


My home base is the London area, and I enjoy making the most of city life, and enjoying the many fantastic restaurants, stunning cocktail bars, and and world class entertainment. I also equally love a country escape, and delight in finding tucked away boutique hotels and hidden gem gastro pubs.


The ultimate aphrodisiac is sharing a unique experience. Beyond dinner or a night or two in the city together, I am an enthusiastic travel companion, and I am always open to ideas and suggestions for places to visit. We can spend a day or two exploring a new city or resort together over a weekend, or I could even join you to perk up a business trip. There is nothing quite like sharing experiences to deepen our acquaintance or kick-start a wonderful connection.


I travel very frequently around the UK, so I am very happy to consider bookings in other UK towns and cities. I also travel frequently around Europe and beyond, so I am always flexible and open to ideas about where we could meet.


  • At a glance...

    • Nationality: British
    • Age: Mid 30’s
    • Dress Size: 8
    • Height: 5ft 6
    • Measurements: 32DD-24-34
    • Shoe Size: 5