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Reflecting and Looking Forward to 2020!

Reflecting and Looking Forward to 2020!

As we approach the beginning of a new decade…I am enjoying this time of reflection, plotting and planning for the year ahead, and harnessing that extra dose of motivation that blesses many of us each January.

It is certainly true to say that some of my most joyful times of the last years of the twenty-tens have been made possible due to my being an independent escort. This has been in many cases directly, through the connections shared, wonderful travel opportunities, and fun experiences along the way. Sometimes it has been indirectly, because it has afforded me true freedom in my professional endeavours and life choices. To those who have shared their time and generosity with me, thank you so very much!

Life has, at times, been like a beautiful dream! And this is a spirit which I fully intend to embrace and embody in 2020. 2019 was a year of establishing a home base for myself in the UK. I bought and renovated a house, which represents something of a bolt-hole for me, and of course, a permanent base to call a home after years of rentals.

2020 will be more travel-oriented. Some of this travel will be announced, and some will need to be kept low profile. With this is mind, I may finally get around to organising that monthly newsletter I once promised, so that those who would like to be kept fully informed of my travel plans are able to.

I can say that I do have some tentative plans to visit Hong Kong and Singapore in March, but with dates still to be finalised. I also hope to visit Dubai during the first half of this year.

On a personal/professional level, I am starting to form a tentative plan to possibly embark on a PhD, or at the very least an advanced chartership programme in my field of interest. Gaining a PhD is something that I have been considering my whole career, but it has always felt a little frivolous, financially speaking, as it isn’t really something I especially need. That said, I am feeling like I would like to stretch myself. If I do go ahead with this, it would be something I begin in 2021 or 2022. Therefore this year I would like to reach a certain level of ‘readiness’ to begin working towards this goal.

More than anything, I am so very much looking forward to sharing more fabulous times with wonderful people in the following year. Lets do great things together!

Happy New Year & Happy New Decade! xxx

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