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New…Dinner dates Anywhere in Europe

New…Dinner dates Anywhere in Europe

I am now delighted to offer a new dinner date package, which is available in my home cities, and also anywhere in Europe.

The gourmet dinner date is inspired by dinner dates which may be a more involved dining experience, such as sampling a tasting menu, or perhaps just extending the evening with leisurely cocktails, or entertainment, still leaving plenty of time to relax in private, following the night’s festivities.

This is also a date which I can happily offer in any European city which is easily accessible from my home airports. Paris, Barcelona, Zurich, Amsterdam, Luxembourg…to name a few. If you have always wanted to meet me, but it wasn’t quite possible to catch me in London, this is a great way to make it happen. Of course longer dates are still possible, but for those who are on a busy schedule, a dinner date can be an ideal way to become acquainted.

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