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My Escort Dating Style

My Escort Dating Style

I have recently updated my minimum date length, and there are a few reasons for this.

The first being that longer of escort dates are what I personally prefer. I enjoy an un-rushed, leisurely experience, with an emphasis on the social as well as the intimate, where we both have the time to reveal the things about ourselves which make our connection that much more unique and meaningful, albeit even within a still relatively short amount of time. There is definitely something about our frame of reference being aligned in terms of our expectations of how a date may progress, which is a powerful route to increased feelings of intimacy, in my opinion.

Secondly, and with happy synergy, it is a more accurate reflection of the nature of the enquiries that I receive for London escort dates. I am delighted about this, for me and for you, as it gives me confidence that my reader is able to tune in to the kind of person I am, and consider whether I may be the most compatible choice of companion. This certainly leads to a higher quality experience.

Finally, this slight update is more suited to a lifestyle where I now split my time between the city, and another locale, which inevitably means a little planning, so longer dates are better suited to my new situation.

I hope my readers will appreciate that the choices I make are always inspired by how I can continue to be authentic in this important facet of my life, and with the aim of companionship continuing to enrich our lives, certainly mine, and I hope yours too.


Amy Xxx


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