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Returning to my companion blog…

Returning to my companion blog…

Well June 2018 to June 2019 has been a year of big changes for me!

As many of you know, although I have still been a London based companion, I decided to have a break from actually residing full time in London. At first I wasn’t sure if it was just going to be a temporary experiment or something more permanent. In the end I decided it would be a good idea to buy a property outside of London, which I did a few months ago, and began work renovating my new house.

Naturally, this has taken up a significant amount of my time, but now that the priority works are completed, I am coming into London more frequently again. At the moment this is mostly when I have commitments relating to my career, or for dates booked in advance, but moving forward, I do hope to have a little more flexibility for shorter notice escort bookings again, as I do find them to be good fun!

I am actually loving the balance I now have. Jaunts to the coast and some truly beautiful countryside are very easy at my new home, and I still get my hit of city life frequently, with my town luckily having great transport links…definitely the best of both worlds. I feel very lucky. I may eventually move back to London, should I fancy immersing myself totally in city life again. As always, I simply go where my fancy takes me!

I find I have a lot more free time and mental space to dedicate to other work and creative projects than I had living in the heart of the city, which is fantastic.

I have not had as much opportunity to travel, due to the general upheaval of having moved twice in one year! I have managed to squeeze in a few short breaks, happily. A trip to Rome, was a welcome break from dealing with solicitors for the house purchase. I also had a lovely trip to one of my favourite places, the Cote d’Azur, and I am just about to fly to Palma, Majorca tomorrow. I have never been but have heard such great things that I feel certain it will exceed expectations.

Looking forward to keeping you updated on my life and travels once again!


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