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A Spontaneous Rendezvous?

A Spontaneous Rendezvous?

After a very busy year and a half, things have now settled down into a very enjoyable rhythm of life of for me, and I feel like I have finally achieved the much lauded work-life balance. I’m delighted to say that I feel like I have the perfect amount of time to spend planning and enjoying my companion dates, and doing all the things I love to do in my personal life. I get to cook leisurely at home, spend time on creative projects, and give my other career a little extra focus.

Along with my new life structure came the necessity of my dates being almost exclusively those which were planned with significant advance notice, as travel logistics and home renovation schedules dictated. The build-up of our future date only makes our get-togethers more hotly anticipated and exciting, so all has worked out well.

That said, one of my favourite things about being in the city full time was, when the scheduling gods were on our side, indulging in a spontaneous kind of seduction. Maybe you have an ever shifting travel schedule, or a client dinner has rearranged. There can be a myriad of reasons why a gentleman can find himself at a loose end of an evening, curious about what the femme fatales of London can offer, and looking for an independent escort available for a short notice outcall.

And on occasion, I have had the exquisite pleasure of being in receipt of an irresistible invitation to come over to join you that very evening in your fabulous hotel for a few delicious hours…a flirtation over cocktails or a late dinner, perhaps even staying for breakfast when the mood took us.

Being the Gemini woman that I am, endlessly stimulated by occasions of novelty, I definitely enjoy the best of both worlds, and I would love to re-introduce the shorter notice rendezvous. I am finding myself spending more time in the city again, to the extent that I may look into securing a Pied a Terre, to make my stays more convenient.

In the meantime, if you find yourself reading this, and wondering if a same day date is completely out of the question, I won’t be offended by your approach. In fact, you may find in me a willing, sexy, co-conspirator in amorous late night plots!

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