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Seizing the moment for bliss.


Let’s steal some time out of the day or evening and dedicate it to pure pleasure. Do not disturb is on the door, and we have each other’s full attention, for a mutually exhilarating interlude. A meeting between meetings, an appetiser or dessert planned around a work dinner, perhaps respite from a busy flight schedule; bliss is found in satiating our taste for breaking out of our daily routine, and in the frisson of opportunity seized.


Bliss in slow seduction.


I love to entertain and be entertained. The desire to show each other an outstanding time is, for me, the essential ingredient for a perfect date, and during a longer date, we can take our time to explore uninhibited connection; an experience to savour fully whilst in the moment, and to be imagined and relived in our future fantasies.


Elevated bliss.


A date over dinner or some extended time together, is a highly anticipated date in my diary. I’ll be taking my time slipping into the outfit I have chosen especially for the occasion, before joining you in the sophisticated setting you invite me to. Beautiful surroundings, delicious food and drinks, flowing conversation; all our senses are stimulated, and we have the luxury of time in which to explore the best of each other; desire heightening and charging the atmosphere as we share the evening (or longer) together…the ultimate aphrodisiac.


What do I like in a date?...I delight in flirtation, I adore reciprocal seduction, and I crave deep lust...
  • Date inspiration...

    • Lunch Date Recommendations (all ideally located very close to my apartment) The Chiltern Firehouse, Il Baretto, 108 Brasserie, The Ivy Cafe
    • Dinner Dates Recommendations Hakkassan, Sketch, Nobu, Locando Locatelli, Poulet au Pot, Clos Maggiore, Sartoria. My favourite cuisines are Japanese, Italian, and French, but I enjoy most cuisines
    • Afternoon Tea The Langham, The Lanesborough
    • Cocktails The Connaught Bar, The Savoy, The Artesian
    • Entertainment I am always excited to receive an invitation to attend the opera or ballet.
    • Romantic Weekend Breaks Whilst it is impossible to tire of London, we have Europe at our feet too! Weekend trips I would love to take would be Berlin, Stockholm, Madrid, Oslo, Copenhagen, Milan, and Florence.
    • UK Weekend Breaks Places I would love to accompany you to in the UK are Edinburgh, The Cotswolds, The Yorkshire Dales, The Lake District, and The New Forest.