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New Look Website

New Look Website

For those who are frequent visitors to my little space on the internet, you may have noticed some significant changes going on here over the past week or so.

I’m excited to introduce my website’s fresh new look and I hope you are enjoying it! So why the change? Well, as those of you who know me will attest to, I thrive on renewal, and also new challenges. I was keen to create something for myself this time around, where I am totally in control of the vision, and I wanted to play around with the design myself. I have maintained a minimalist and clear look, and I wanted to achieve a sophisticated, elegant and contemporary feel.

The great thing is that I can happily play around with the appearance whenever I feel like it, which I love! I have really had a lot of fun with this project!

As you can see my blog area is now named ‘Journal’ which actually makes me feel much more like writing posts. I suppose it feels like less pressure to write some kind of grand article, and more like I can share my general thoughts…what a lovely revelation! The psychology of motivation never stops fascinating and surprising me! And I shall look forward to sharing my journalling with you.

Amy x

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