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Minimalism and the Luxury Companion Lifestyle

Minimalism and the Luxury Companion Lifestyle

During my move out of London, first to a bigger apartment, and then an actual full sized house, I found out something surprising about myself. The more space I have, the more motivated I am to own less ‘stuff’ and have fewer commitments, and subscriptions such as expensive gym memberships etc. weekly flower deliveries etc.

So I guess you could say that I am moving towards a ‘minimalist’ way of living. I actually much prefer to focus my attention now on quality experiences, and having as free a lifestyle as possible. As a consequence, despite now taking on a mortgage I find I have more financial freedom than ever.

This is not to say I still do not enjoy a luxury lifestyle. I have and always will be drawn to the very finest things in life. My tastes remains unchanged. I still enjoy owning beautiful things…but I simply like to own fewer, higher quality goods. As a consequence, I own less, and I feel like it gives me more mobility. It is a truly wonderful feeling!

So what are the consequences of this philosophy on the reality of being a luxury companion, which many would believe to be a very materialistic lifestyle? Isn’t that in conflict with my outlook?

Well, actually I believe that being an elite escort is far more of an aesthetic lifestyle than a materialistic. Enjoying a wonderful meal in the most luxurious and beautiful surroundings, in charming company, with a suggesting of sensual experiences to come, is, in my opinion an entirely aesthetic experience. A scroll though my twitter feed would confirm that many elite escorts feel the same way.

The only thing it does affect is the fact that many clients enjoy the gesture of gifting. I have therefore updated my Delight Amy page to reflect my preferences around this aspect of luxury companionship dating.

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