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January Plans

January Plans

As much as I love the excitement around the run-up to Christmas, it is really the fresh new start of a new year that I truly look forward to, and I’m getting excited about it already. I am one of those peculiar people who enjoy making New Year’s Resolutions, and are actually pretty good at keeping them! I love a good goal, and I have found that the trick is to make it something growth-oriented rather than prohibitive. I am not good at denying myself anyway, plus believe it or not, I’m mostly a good girl!

In the spirit of last year’s resolution (yes I try to make them cumulative!), which was to make time to travel a lot more, I have an exciting trip to Singapore, and then Koh Samui planned. I have never been to either, so I am very excited about this.

One small resolution I am committing to in advance for 2018, is becoming more educated about wine, (hmm, I feel an opportunity to integrate with last year’s travel resolution!). I love good wine, but tend to stick to a few favourites. I love a good buttery and ‘oaky’ California Chardonnay for example, and enjoyed many examples of this on my trips to the US this year.

I did lots of wine tastings on trips to Napa and Sonoma on my trips to California of course, but I’m not sure I learn much in the touristy wine-tasting environment, as I am far too busy having a good time, so I think I would like to attend some slightly more structured events.

I plan to take a trip a 3/4 week trip to Italy in the summer, which I’m sure will be a perfect opportunity to expand my knowledge and will be a great reward for my scholarly efforts!





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