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Happy endings and solo performances (warning…puns in this post!)

Happy endings and solo performances (warning…puns in this post!)

In wintertime, there are a few things I especially like to do. One is shopping for glamorous coats and boots; another is to venture out of a cold winter’s evening to gorgeous cocktail bars wearing said glamorous winter attire, to sip seductively on something tasty, and the third is staying at home doing what I like to call ‘cosy things’.

Such Cosy Things can include hosting cosy dates of course; lights dimmed low, turning up the heating so that it is warm enough for me to be never dressed in anything more than a sliver of lace and silk, and a glass of something delicious while we think of other ways to warm ourselves up further…

Cosy Things also include my solo pastimes, of the more innocent variety, that my introverted side thrives on…reading, watching old movies, cooking, sewing, spending hours finding new music on Spotify and updating playlists etc. (still never in anything more than a sliver of lace and silk, incidentally…!).

And now finally, once again, thanks to the incredible generosity a wonderful friend, I am the proud owner of an instrument that is not only completely playable, but is also a thing of beauty! I am truly delighted.

For those who don’t know the story of the original cello in my picture from my January 2017 photoshoot, it was bought as a gift for me to re-learn on, as I used to play up until my teenage years (boys and hanging out at the local shopping centre became more appealing than weekend orchestra rehearsals as a teen!). However, after learning with a tutor for a short time earlier this year, she realised there was a fault with the instrument which was to stop me progressing any further.

But now, I shall have a happy ending indeed! I will now be certainly making sweet music (or hopefully at least mildly tolerable) during these Cosy times. Who knows, maybe I will good enough to be able to share a solo performance with you by the Spring!

Wish me luck!



P.S. It was unbelievably difficult to write this without any innuendos! I’m pretty sure I didn’t succeed, so apologies for awful, unintended puns 🙂

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