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A woman you could imagine spending time with?


If quality connection is something you prioritise in life, then we have something in common. I am stirred by the company of gentleman who have positive energy, and enjoy getting to know each other in all kinds of ways. London is my local international city, and I travel frequently in Europe and beyond, so I am always open to ideas about where we could meet. If you seek a sophisticated, smart, beautiful companion, I may be the woman for you.


A life rich in the sensational…


Doing what pleases me is my favourite activity, and if we are compatible, this is likely what pleases you too. Could this be considered somewhat decadent? Perhaps…but those close to me know me to be a free spirit. Private dating and companionship add a unique and thrilling dimension to that end.


A little about me.


My looks and figure are all natural, and I have a well spoken British accent. I have a slender and toned body, with soft, gentle curves. My smile and eyes are often complimented as being my most captivating features. My personal style is chic and feminine. I have a penchant for little lace dresses, a simple, well cut silk blouse with jeans and heels, or perhaps a smart and sexy leather pencil skirt, always with beautiful, carefully chosen lingerie.


A flirtatious sweetheart.


My personality is upbeat, and playful, and I enjoy an unburdened outlook on life. I am a sensitive soul, a good listener and an eternal optimist. I delight in the luxuries and pleasures in life; beautiful surroundings, fantastic food, great company. I enjoy being present in the moment, and bringing my whole self to the private dating experience.


A little background.


When keeping myself company, I do have a cerebral side, and exercising it energises me. I have a masters degree, a career in a related field, and many more professional and personal goals still to pursue. Travel, great food, the arts, fashion and business are just a few things that interest me. My body and mind love exercise, with swimming, pilates, and ballet barre being a few of my favourites.

  • At a glance...

    • Nationality: British
    • Age: Early 30’s
    • Dress Size: 6-8
    • Height: 5ft 6
    • Measurements: 30c-24-33
    • Weight: 112lb
    • Shoe Size: 5

I enjoy meeting with gentleman who know exactly what they want…simply put...the very best in authentic connection...