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A mutual appreciation of the exceptional…


We both have busy and fulfilling social and professional lives, but have a natural inclination to search out those extra dimensions of pleasure and excitement in life. The private luxury dating experience is, for us, an expression of that appetite.


I especially enjoy the company of self assured, positive attitude, high achieving gentlemen. You know that you value exceptional connections, and you are at a place in life where you don’t need to compromise. If you seek a sophisticated, smart, beautiful companion, who recognises and appreciates these qualities, I may be the woman for you. London is my local international city, and I travel frequently in Europe and beyond, so I am always open to ideas about where we could meet discreetly.


A little about me.


My looks and figure are all natural, and I have a well spoken British accent. My personal style is classic and feminine. My wardrobe choices are always appropriate for the occasion, from chic business casual for afternoons in the city, to elegant evening wear.


I am a great listener, a lifelong optimist, and I enjoy an unburdened outlook on life. I delight in the luxuries and simple pleasures in life; beautiful surroundings, fantastic food, and great company.



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  • At a glance...

    • Nationality: British
    • Age: Early 30’s
    • Dress Size: 6-8
    • Height: 5ft 6
    • Measurements: 30c-24-33
    • Weight: 112lb
    • Shoe Size: 5

I enjoy meeting with gentleman who know exactly what they want…simply put...the very best in authentic connection...