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Availability in December and January

Availability in December and January

We are quickly approaching the end of the year, and I now have a clear and confirmed schedule for my comings and goings over the festive period and in the new year, to share with you.

If you would like to schedule a booking this side of the festive period, I will be in London, and have some availability in my calendar over the next few weeks until 23rd December. The last few weeks of the year do tend to fill up suddenly and quickly, so if you are considering suggesting we me, I would suggest contacting me as soon as you can. The 22nd will be the last date that I accept bookings.

I will be leaving on the 23rd and returning on 27th, so I will be available for bookings from the evening of 27th until the afternoon of 30th, returning again on the 1st January.

I will then be available in London until 12th January, after which, I fly to Singapore for a short tour, then to Koh Samui for a beach break, returning on 24th, and available for London bookings on the 26th.

This is also a great time to announce that from January 2018, I am planning to move towards a 90 minute minimum booking time, for new friends. I find that my preference is for even a shorter date to feel relaxed, and I like to allow us enough time to connect, or reconnect. I also find that most of the gentleman who enjoy meeting me, tend to feel the same, so this makes perfect sense at this time.

I hope this information helps with your planning xx



Availability in London now – 22nd December (last 2017 date!)

Away 23rd – 26th

Availability in London 27th – late afternoon of 30th January

Availability in London 1st January – 12th January

Availability in Singapore 14th – 17th January

Away 18 – 24th January

Availability in London 26th January onwards





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